Meet the Team
February 7, 2024

Ishaq – Shift Team Leader on Jurong Island

Ishaq is Shift Team Leader at Evonik’s methionine plant on Jurong Island, Singapore. In his story he shares how his dream came true with Evonik.

How my dream came true with Evonik

Being a part of the petrochemical industry, it has always been a dream of me to be involved in starting up a plant from scratch. When I joined Evonik in 2013, the company was about to commission a new methionine complex on Jurong Island. Our team of twelve spent six training weeks at the the Evonik Antwerp site. It was a huge eye-opener for me. We experienced good knowledge sharing, learned the processes and were blessed to have a good team of trainers. This was a very special experience for us!

Job Title Shift Team Leader

Based Singapore

Division/Function Nutrition & Care

Joined Evonik 2013

Education Diploma in Chemical Engineering

I feel very supported in my development

Along my development, I had my fair share of ups and downs. As a DCS (Distributed control system) operator, we were tasked to run the production process safely. So we had to constantly maintain a high level of alertness and vigilance, where any lapse of focus could potentially result in serious consequences.

Subsequently, as I progressed along my career and got promoted to be the Shift Team Leader (STL), there was a lot of additional responsibilities being rested on my shoulders and this was challenging for me at the beginning. As the STL, I was not operating as an individual anymore but leading a group of individuals. Nevertheless, it was helpful that I received a lot of training opportunities and courses to help me better manage the stress and challenges in this leadership role.

Now I am heading a dynamic team with a good blend of fresh and experienced technicians. I derive great motivation from being in a position where I could support the development of my fellow teammates. It is especially fulfilling witnessing them become better and better day-by-day.

My daily routine as a shift team leader and how we maintain our strong bond as a team

I typically arrive the site at 7:45 am and takeover from the outgoing shift. We start the day with a safety discussion at the tool box meeting. In our line of work, safety comes first and it is reassuring that at Evonik, we always keep that at the top of our mind. After the morning tool box meeting, the day unfolds with plant routines such as sample collection, process data logging, raw material unloading, permit issuance, plant walkdown, etc.

The team spends much of our time together, not only in the company but also outside of it. Outside the working hours, we enjoy doing fun stuff like Go-Kart and fishing. The laughter, fun and meals that we have together, as well as the challenges faced at the workplace as a team, strengthens the bond among one another. The frequent interactions that we have with the management team are also valued very much.

What does “Be Part of Something Special” mean to me?

When I am able to make people feel happy and special!