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A world-leading specialty chemicals company: Learn more about Evonik, who we are and what we do. 


September 12th, 2007 as part of the renaming of RAG-Beteiligungs-AG to Evonik Industries AG.


Essen, Germany

Core Business

Specialty chemicals

Number of employees

Around 34,000 (2022)


Production plants in 27 countries. Operations world-wide.


18.5 billion euros (2022)


2.5 billion euros

R&D Expenses

460 million euros (2022)

Patens and Trademarks

Approx. 24,000 patens

Approx. 7,350 trademarks (2022)

Career Paths

We might be a specialty chemicals company, but it takes the full cooperation of 14 separate business functions to bring our operation to life. See where you might fit in below or click here to see all our job postings. 

Ensure we grow in the right way. See jobs.

Transforming cutting-edge science into market-leading reality. See jobs.

If it’s unsafe, then nothing else matters. See jobs. 

A good management! See jobs. 

There’s no business plan without a people plan. See jobs. 

Turning enormous complexity into “just works” simplicity. See jobs. 

The heart of what we do at Evonik. See jobs. 

Connect people and resources across more than 100 countries. See jobs. 

Reinforce the vital infrastructure that holds us together. See jobs.

We are the talents of tomorrow. See jobs.

Uncover insights, identify unmet needs and drive growth. See jobs.

Ensure Evonik operates optimally. See jobs.

Resource management on a global scale. See jobs.

Develop working frameworks that inspire confidence. See jobs. 

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