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Africa is known for its untouched nature and diverse cultures. But did you know that Africa is also one of the most important locations when it comes to future industrial growth? Join us on our journey to discover how a career at Evonik in Africa could look like.

As a global company with interfaces to many industries worldwide, Evonik strives to create a positive environment for people who work in the company's different locations, including our teams Evonik's four African offices in South Africa, Egypt, Ghana, and Kenya. From these office setups, our teams offer products and services to customers across East, West, North, and South Africa, with a particular focus on  key markets such as Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, Congo.

Africa is the second-largest continent in the world following Asia, and it makes up about a fifth of the world's land and contains more than 50 countries. Although Africa is the most tropical of all continents, its geographic landscape does not lack diversity, ranging from equatorial rainforests to tropical deserts, mountains, and savanna grassland. Nigeria is the largest country on the continent in terms of both economy and population, while Ethiopia hosts the second largest population. 

Evonik South Africa Site Tour

Welcome to Evonik Africa!

Deniz: My name is Deniz Akay, Managing Director of Evonik Africa.
Deniz: We are standing in front of the headquarter of Sub-Sahara Africa, which is located in Johannesburg in the Midrand area.
Deniz: We are active in Sub-Sahara Africa since more than 40 years.
Deniz: We’ve got Johannesburg as the headquarter, and Ghana and Kenya are branch offices.
Deniz: In addition to that, we’ve got a Durban production site.
Deniz: Come with me and let’s take a tour inside.

*Walking through the Evonik Africa facilities* 
Deniz: Here is our reception area.
Deniz: It is surrounded with different small meeting rooms, and here is our boardroom.
Deniz: This is our display area where we demonstrate some of our products and some of the applications.
Deniz: Here you see next to me is the product MetAMINO which belongs to the business line Animal Nutrition and is used for animal feed applications.
Deniz: Let’s move now to the Animal Nutrition lab.

*In the Animal Nutrition lab*
Deniz: Hi Zenani, so what do you do in the lab?
Zenani: So, here we do analysis for feed samples and raw materials.
Zenani: So, the one I am holding here is specifically for pigs.
Zenani: This is feed material that was sent to us by one of our customers for them to analyze.
Zenani: I will use this. This is enough for me to analyze, and then I’ll be sending them back the results.
Zenani: So, customers send us the raw materials and feed samples, and this is one of the feed samples. So we decant it here. This is when we do our sample preparations.
Zenani: They send it to us, we analyze, and send them the results in the form of an excel spreadsheet and the PDF.
Zenani: This is the amount that we use, this is enough to actually get the exact results that they need.

*Deniz going up the stairs in the Evonik Africa office*
Deniz: Evonik goes far beyond chemistry offering sustainable and valuable solutions to our customers.
Deniz: We as Evonik Africa, we offer a vibrant, multicultural environment and a lot of opportunities for growth.

Deniz: Our key success is our employees.

South Africa is one of the most diverse Evonik locations where the team members speak 13 National languages. In South Africa, Evonik has an office in Johannesburg and a production plant in Umbogintwini.  Our South African team combines people with diverse profiles, including team members with experience working in sales, administrative officers and coordinators, research and development managers, human resources specialists, and regional directors and managers. We have experts in many topics including technical support, health care, business management, consumer care, and animal nutrition. Get to know a few of them in these interviews.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All Evonik jobs are posted online in our jobs portal. You can browse through the jobs easily using many filtering options, including locations and job families.

Basically, in all segments, as well as in the service units, the Corporate Center, and at all sites throughout the world. We deploy interns in various projects and make use of their skills to develop and implement new topics. Based on the work of the company, we especially look for chemistry, engineering, and economics students. Are there special intern programs or limitations as regards the number of internships? There is no fixed number of internships. To ensure that you can carry out practical activities during your internship and can be involved in ongoing projects, the number of internships is based on the requirements of the specialist departments. In our business and service units and in the Corporate Center, you work on tasks and projects that are structured individually and that can be completed during your internship where possible.

Evonik has four offices in Africa in Egypt, South Africa, Kenya and Ghana in addition to a production plant in South Africa.  

Evonik Africa's four offices mostly require people with administrative, technical, and project management skills. Whether you are a senior manager or a fresh graduate, Evonik may have a job post that is relevant to you. 

Relocation support depends on the individual case and the business requirements for the role that you are applying for. Please discuss the options with your hiring manager or a member of the talent acquisition team during your interview process.

Most countries require a special visa if you are planning to work there. Our local site managers and their assistants can help you find out what the regulations are for their specific location.

It is always a good idea to speak the local language of the country you plan to live and work in. However, this is not always required at Evonik since English is the main business communication language in all our locations.

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