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Being the world's largest continent, Asia offers a world of opportunities for individuals and organizations to grow with the growth of this exciting continent.

Evonik established a presence in Asia close to 100 years ago when it opened a representation office in Shanghai. Today, we have more than 5000 employees working in 14 countries across the Asian continent where we have numerous production plants, research and development centers, sales offices, and service centers. Like with all our other sites, Evonik strives to provide its team in Asia with a great work environment that fosters diversity and creativity and provides ample room for career growth. 

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Asia is a key growth region not only because it is the globe's largest and most populous continent, but it is also a host of some of the largest and fastest-growing economies in the world, such as China, India, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand. In addition to the vibrant economy, Asia boasts unparalleled levels of cultural diversity and almost every possible geographic landscape which makes this huge continent an exciting place to live in and explore.

Shanghai Innovation Hub Site tour

Maggie Lu, Regional Business Line Head, Asia Pacific, Oil Additives in front of the Evonik offices in Shanghai, China.

Maggie: Are you looking for an opportunity to join a multinational company? Let’s get to know Evonik.

Maggie: Evonik has been operating in China since the 1930s. To date, we have more than 27,000 employees and 16 production sites in China.

Maggie Lu inside Evonik Shanghai Innovation Park

Maggie: The Shanghai Innovation Park is one of Evonik’s R&D core sites globally. This is the place we visit every day—the Michelin-starred restaurant in the mind of Evonik employees. Behind me is our R&D center, where around 500 researchers are currently working.

Ayumi Xu, Multinationals Business Manager, Care Solutions

Ayumi: As a leading global supplier of ingredients for the personal care industry, Evonik’s products have already been widely applied in skincare and haircare.

Ayumi: In addition to active ingredients such as ceramide and retinol, which are familiar to ingredient-driven consumers, we also have functional ingredients such as emollient and emulsifier.

Ayumi: These are essential products for our business. We provide not only products but also system solutions, and our innovation lab functions as the designer for the solutions.

Lisa Wu, Head of Applied Innovation, Care Solutions, speaks inside the Evonik lab.

Lisa: Located in Shanghai, our innovation lab for personal care applications is able to serve major markets of China, Japan, and Korea.

Lisa: We dedicate ourselves to developing safe and sustainable cosmetic ingredients, designing innovative and effective formulations, and optimizing systematic solutions which include efficacy evaluation as a boost to cosmetic manufacturers to make you more and more beautiful.

Justin Lui, Business Manager, Oil Additives

Justin: Hello everyone. I am Justine, a salesperson from Oil Additives. It is a pleasure to show you our daily work.

Justin: This is Albert. He is testing lubricants for customers. This HE-0 Denison Pump Test Rig is the best of its kind in Asia.

Justin: The company has created an awesome work environment for us. During the breaks, the coffee corner is a nice place for chit-chat and relaxation.

Latham Li, Product Development Engineer, High Performance Polymers

Latham: Hello, I am Li Ang. Welcome to Evonik High Performance Polymers business line. Now, let’s take a walk. It’s lunch break. Some colleagues are playing billiard.

Latham: Although we are a chemical company, our products are much closer to life than you might think.

Latham: No matter for automotive pipelines, sports shoes, or medical devices, our high-performance plastics are indispensable.

Latham: It can be said that our products such as Nylon 12 are closely connected to everyone’s life. Here are our 3D printing labs. We can make a variety of customized components through 3D printing.

Latham: Would you like to join a multinational company?

Latham, Maggie, Ayumi, Justin, and Lisa: Come join Evonik!

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We are looking for people to work in our global company. Are you in the search for a job in China, Malaysia, India, or Singapore? Have you already had experience working in an international company? If your answer is yes, then maybe a job in one of Evonik Asia's office locations could be interesting for you. Evonik continues to receive multiple employer and HR excellence awards and has been recognized as the Top Employer in China for several years. At Evonik, we ensure that our employees are having a rewarding career in our company. We create a good working environment, work-life balance, and offer a competitive salary.

Do you think you may be the right candidate to complement our team? Evonik offers many benefits, including work-from-home possibilities and a dynamic international environment. For more information about any program or jobs available at Evonik, explore our opportunities section or search our jobs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

All Evonik jobs are posted online in our jobs portal. You can browse through the jobs easily using many filtering options, including locations and job families.

Basically, in all segments, as well as in the service units, the Corporate Center, and at all sites throughout the world. We deploy interns in various projects and make use of their skills to develop and implement new topics. Based on the work of the company, we especially look for chemistry, engineering, and economics students. Are there special intern programs or limitations as regards the number of internships? There is no fixed number of internships. To ensure that you can carry out practical activities during your internship and can be involved in ongoing projects, the number of internships is based on the requirements of the specialist departments. In our business and service units and in the Corporate Center, you work on tasks and projects that are structured individually and that can be completed during your internship where possible.

Evonik has many sales offices and production sites in Asia, covering the following countries: China, Singapore, India, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Arab Emirates. 

Since we have many office locations in Asia and forecast future business growth in this part of the world, Evonik Asia is hiring people with very diverse skills and backgrounds, such as sales, administration, engineering, chemistry, IT, and project management. Whether you are a senior manager or a fresh graduate, Evonik may have a job post that is relevant to you. 

Relocation support depends on the individual case and the business requirements for the role that you are applying for. Please discuss the options with your hiring manager or a member of the talent acquisition team during your interview process.

Most countries require a special visa if you are planning to work there. Our local site managers and their assistants can help you find out what the regulations are for their specific location.

It is always a good idea to speak the local language of the country you plan to live and work in. However, this is not always required at Evonik since English is the main business communication language in all our locations.

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