Students and Recent Graduates Career Opportunities in North America

North America offers multiple development paths for students and recent graduates including local and international rotational programs, internships, and traineeships in several disciplines.

Starting your career with Evonik North America as a student or a recent graduate

Evonik offers undergraduate and graduate students and recent graduates several programs that can help develop their leadership and management skills. You may have seen one of our representatives already in a campus recruitment event or at a university talk. We make sure to visit key campus activities near our office locations in Canada & the US to encourage university students pursuing degrees in different academic areas to explore the opportunities at Evonik.

No matter if you dream of discovering a scientific breakthrough, or one day commanding a board room, Evonik has a variety of programs that are designed to build the foundation of your career. Here at Evonik, we don’t believe in starting off small. Bring your fresh perspective, develop your strengths, break out of your mold, and find a job that fits your dream. 

Working at Evonik

Evonik aspires to have a leadership position beyond chemistry and to help make the world better. That means we must provide the highest possible benefit for the customer, and for society. And that means sustainability and resource conservation are critical factors in decision-making at every level of the organization. It’s a tall ambition, and it’s not easy. But with your experience, enthusiasm, and motivation, you can put your own mark on making this vision a reality.

Evonik Locations in North America

Evonik Locations in North America

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Basically, in all segments, as well as in the service units, the Corporate Center, and at all sites throughout the world. We deploy interns in various projects and make use of their skills to develop and implement new topics. Based on the work of the company, we especially look for chemistry, engineering, and economics students.

There is no fixed number of internships. So that you carry out practical activities during your internship and can be involved in ongoing projects, the number of internships is based on the requirements of the specialist departments. In our business and service units and in the Corporate Center, you work on tasks and projects that are structured individually and that can be completed during your internship where possible.

All Evonik jobs are posted online in our jobs portal. You can browse through the jobs easily using many filtering options including locations and job families.

A resume, a cover letter, and education certificates from the time you completed school are required. You may add to those other qualification documents that are relevant to the job and provide any further information that may be relevant. The documents must not exceed 20 MB. Each file must not exceed 5 MB.

Yes, you can apply for multiple jobs at the same time. However, please make sure that you upload a separate application for each job.

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